Monday, January 3, 2011

Class of 2011: Grover

Talented Brockton rap artist, Kevin Kozik best known as Grover on The Howard Stern Show's 'Grover's Weekly Rap Up'. “I was laid off, just bored and sent in a goof rap song, never thought they would play it. They played it though, and suggested I do one every week.” Kozik recorded dozens of rap tracks for the show. By 2008 Grover had dropped off the national stage due rumored 'computer issues'. By 2011 Brockton underground rapper Kevin Kozik had cemented his place in the Brockton Rap Hall of Fame with his grimey raps and gritty determination. Grover can still be seen on youtube entering any number of novelty rap contests including a recent win with his 'Pornhub Anthem'. Click here for Stern news dept. interview following win.

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