Monday, December 28, 2009

Class of 2009: Cooler Than Smack

Volitile acid rap group Cooler Than Smack cemented their Brockton rap legacy with 1998's The Diabolical Dope Act, released on Linoleum Records. Formed in 1994 by Shemrok and Drift-Ski and later joined by local hip hop historian DJ Morgz along with breakdancers The Cardboard Kids. CTS soon disbanded amid allegations. Drift-Ski went on to become a well respected journalist. Shemrok has continued on with a revamped CTS.


  1. Word up MC Drift........Can the 205 Walsh Crew get a table dance? Cube for Lennon, MadDog and McDonalds MLK '93.....George's Cafe and the Disco Dust Delite!

  2. Drift Ski aka Dave Wedge had some sick tunes!