Monday, October 19, 2009

Class of 2008: Gary McWop Dunn

Gary Dunn the 'Black Bart' of Brockton rap was the driving force behind Hall of Fame rap group Trech Emcees for over a decade. As a producer and recording engineer, Dunn donated hundreds of hours of studio time to local aspiring rappers, helping foster a highly competitive underground hip hop scene. In 2001 Dunn 'retired' to Phoenix, Arizona only to resurface a few years later as one of Brockton's most despised rappers ever, Slick McWop. In 2007 Dunn opened the Gary Dunn Rap Clinic, later establishing June 19th as Global Rap Day. Dunn also co-produced 1999's street release compilation CD Brocktons Illest. 


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