Sunday, July 15, 2012

Brockton's Deadly Rap History

 The 2005 kidnapping and stabbing death of Brockton's top rapper, Jeffery Andrade a/k/a THE SIRE DUTCH, by three local scumbags marked only the beginning of a deadly chapter in the history of Brockon hip hop. Brockton rap is as grimey as it gets, in stark contrast to the false bravado gangstas of the Boston hip hop scene. Starting in 1986 with the 12" release of 'Thats What I Hate' by Brockton rap pioneers MASTERPIECE led by rapper/producer Ronnie Furr a/k/a RONNIE RUFF. 1986 Brockton Rap Group Da 3010 BASS BRUDDAS (Kelly Johnson, Dennis Neal and DJ Pee Wee), were known for their live rendition of 'Loose Booty'. In 1986 R-SQUARED GROOVE (Rich Cogliano and Ronnie McMurtry) recorded 'Pie in The Sky'. The summer of 1987 Steve 'SANDMAN' Dunn founded SFD PRODUCTIONS to promote his group TRECH EMCEES. The UNITED FURNITURE BUILDING on Montello Street housed some of Brockton's first Rap Studios. TOP NOTCH ENTERTAINMENT founded by PRIDE FAVORS was featured in the first issue of THE SOURCE. Soon.. other rap acts began playing the city. C.B.S (Allen McCottrel and Errol 'Sukie' Henry) and THE MASTERMIND were brief flashes in the late eighties pan. SMIT-RAT (Mark Smith) began his Hall of Fame career in the late eighties. One of the first local venues to begin hosting rap shows was McGLAUGHLINS on Warren Avenue. Robert "Bob" Dwelley's STUDIO GUAM was instrumental in promoting Brockton acts outside of the city. Other early performers were DJ DOOM (Richard Swanson), WUFO, SEAN T.M.D. (Sean Royster), DJ MORGZ (Mike Morgan), CHUCK KNOWLEDGE (Chuck Garner), CHILLY ROCK, KIDD (Ron Johnson), and S.D.C. PRODUCTIONS / SUPER DEF CREW (Shawn Monteiro, Deron Coleman, Corey Evans, and Pride Favors) who dropped a 12" in 1988, "JUICE IT UP". We also can't forget TREB-ONE (R.I.P.) the graffiti artist who also rhymed. 1990 had SFD PRODUCTIONS promoting sell-out shows at The WALKOVER CLUB on Perkins ave. In 1995 STREET POETS released their self titled instant classic featuring PUNCH Spiked with Poison. Early 1990's also had TRECH EMCEES, now with DJ SLAY playing for thousands at Tauntons ROSELAND BALLROOM. During the early-nineties Brocktons westside became a hot-bed of rap talent. 1997 has homegrown rapper JIMMY LUXURY (Jimmy Kelliher), being discovered in San Francisco and signed to major label, Sony 550. Kelliher would record two albums, and also featured on two movie soundtracks ("Go" and "Me, Myself and Irene"). NEW YOUTH MASSIKA (Dave Hagloff, Mike Beckman, Shaun Sharpe) emerged on the scene in the mid-90's with the help of DJ/MC MIKE. SFD PRODUCTIONS began promoting NEW YOUTH MASSIKA at The WALKOVER CLUB and had success with 1997's BROCKTON HIP HOP JAM & TALENT SHOW featuring TRECH EMCEES, NEW YOUTH MASSIKA, NAPALM, COOLER THAN SMACK (Van Bates and Dave Wedge), BLACK LABEL (Marky Royster, Perry Francis and Jay Royster) and at their first show ever BLUE STEEL (Naldo Cataldo, Jeffery Andrade and Eric Zarrella) won the Talent Show First Prize $100. Thus beginning a new era in the highly competitive Brockton Hip Hop scene. Many rappers cut their teeth at SFD PRODUCTIONS, THIRD FLOOR TRIBOU STUDIO, on Brocktons earliest AKAI MPC 3000. Other noteable acts began performing in the late nineties such as DJ ADMEN, P-ROD, DOPE QUALIFIED POET, JUKE BOX, KID KELVIS (Jim Kelliher), THE JERKS (Derek 'TURK' Zakrosky and Steve 'PIECE OF SHIT' Crowe) 24DOPE (Tommy 'Soprano' Boyle), THE BIRD (Jeff Katz)..

CHUCK WOOLERY, HOT SHOT, KEVI KEV, SHAKA ROCK, JACK DIAMONDS, D MACK, SHAMAL, JOOKS, MC RAN (Randy MacElvoy), C-LO (Carlos Ortiz), Bobby Francis, RAMOSYPHER, BLAZE THE HOOD SPOKESMAN, and JEY CYCOTIC (Jeremy Cicotte) . In 1999 Gary 'MCWOP' Dunn and DJ SLAY Produced the underground classic BROCKTONS ILLEST featuring a slew of underground artists. BROCKTONS ILLEST sold 2000 copies that year. Circa 2000 NAPALM'S FIBEROPTICS put together SURVIVAL UNITS. The year 2000 had GMD producing and engineering countless underground classics at ROUTE 28 STUDIOS at 630 Montello Street as well as his third foor studio at 7 Skinner Street until he was rumored to have entered the federal witness protection program in 2001. 7 Skinner Street would later become the murder scene of 19 year old aspiring rapper/producer Markeen 'MARVELOUS MAY' Starks who was stabbed to death New Year's 2008. 24 year old Adilson Pires was shot to death on Brockton's Main Street after leaving cousin Stark's wake. 2001 DRUMS AND MENTALS rapper David Haglof a/k/a HAGS began promoting shows at JOE ANGELO'S BAR and BOB'S in Brockwater. On the bill at were many future Brockton Rap Hall of Famers, THE SIRE DUTCH of PROLIFIC, NAPALM, BLACK LABEL, MCWOP, HAGLOF, THE RHYMINAL, COOLER THAN SMACK, BIG OX and CHAM-P-ION later formed together as FREE AGENTS dropping "THE HEIST" in 2004. BIG WALT and BRIAN G. became OFFICIAL DELIVERY. Haglof and Zarella would later form BALLCKLUB, the group was nominated for 'album of the year' by the MASS INDUSTRY COMMITEE 'Boston Music Awards' for their classic project "THE MOST LEANIENT" which sold over 3000 copies. BIG MIG real name Michael Schleehauf also rapped. When Antonio Centeio was shot and killed outside a World Dinero concert in 2009, the Brockton rapper Nilton 'WORLD DINERO' de Pina cited the recent death in reconsidering his rap career. "I don't want to do the music no more" said de Pina "Now we can't do it because it's dangerous".


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  2. Just came across this article and realized that you didnt mention chris bender wow

    1. just came across this and that was my first thought too...he was the beginning of the deadly chapter.

  3. Agree, how was C.Bender not mentioned in this article?

  4. What about "CHRIS BENDER" ??

  5. I'm not sure of the reason to dis Boston, many bostonians considered Brockton their second home. I for one used to visit brockton in the early eighties, before section 8, when it was fun to go to the Brockton fair, hanging out on the east side playing basket ball feeling like MJ because I was slamming it on the little hoop.there was hardly anyone from Boston back then. Chris Bender, Franky, Dune, Carla all of them I considered family, and still do.

    Most of the people named above isn't even from brockton, and they have the nerve to leave Chris out. Who wrote this article, sounds like one of those Randolph dudes.

    Jumbo >>

  6. Chris Bender is never mentioned,I wish there was a documentary or story on him. Me and my crew attempted to make one in 97 and talked to his former manager and haven't talked to his family yet. I wish his legacy will be reinstated.

  7. That's fucked up!! More than likely they r haters of Chris!! "

  8. Was Chris Bender a rapper?

  9. No he wasn't. With all due respect to Brockton and Chris's friends and family, this is 'Brockton's Deadly Rap History.' Not Brockton's Deadly Music History, or Brockton's Deadly Entertainment Industry History. I have the utmost respect for Chris and his family and mourned his murder when it happened. Of course the name 'Chris Bender' has been raised many times during the publishing of this page yet this is strictly a Brockton Rap History blog.