Sunday, October 6, 2013

Class of 2013: DQP Dope Qualified Poet

Brockton's Dope Qualified Poet a/k/a DQP real name Kevin Brown was a key figure in the late 90's - 2000 era underground rap scene. As a producer Brown has worked with most if not all of the who's who in Brockton rap history. Live and on the mic DQP was as entertaining as any local rapper in his day. Brown was instrumental in the recording and producing of 1999's classic compilation Brocktons Illest. DQP was the de facto musical leader of a faction of Brockton's best black rapper's of that time, more than a few went on to become current and future hall of fame members. The Brockton Rap Hall of Fame is proud to include with the class of 2013: DQP Dope Qualified Poet.


  1. Not so dope!!! If you know him then you would know he's fake!!!

  2. You probably was one of the ones who didn't have what it takes and was looking for a free ride go suck something yours truly DQP