Saturday, June 23, 2012

Class of 2012: Smit Rat

If you were around the Brockton rap scene during the 1990's you'll remember rapper / producer / DJ Mark Smith known as Smit Rat as a central figure in the studio and on stage. Many well known Brockton rap acts were helped in no small part by Smith's recording prowess, including New Youth Massika, Trech Emcees, Dutch and 4 FIFTH, The Rhyminal and the list goes on. Prior to 2000 Smit Rat presented Brockton Classics (forerunner of the Brockton Rap Hall of Fame) with over 100 one off's and rare brockton rap tracks recorded between 1987-1997. If you were not around during the nineties then please thank Mark Smith for filling in a decade's worth of Brockton rap music history, without which there may be no Brockton Rap Hall of Fame. Smit Rat appeared on 1999's underground release Brocktons Illest. We take this opportunity on our 5th anniversary to induct the Thomas Paine of  Brockton rap history, Mark 'Smit Rat' Smith.


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