Sunday, January 9, 2011

Class of 2011: Broken Bang

Broken Bang, members Milli Stax, Phat PeazyHaze Carrera and BirdManZ'no have been major players in the Brockton hip hop scene since 2000. With the advent of MySpace, Broken Bang became household names in and around the city of Brockton. 
As their individual stars continue to rise the Brockton Rap Hall of Fame would be remiss if we waited any longer in inducting one of the biggest name rap groups in Brockton history. This is Marky 'BirdManZ'no' Royster's second appearance  as a main member of a hall of fame rap group. (Black Label 2009). Haze Carrera and Phat Peazy are on the short list of sure fire future Brockton  rap hall of famers.

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