Sunday, February 27, 2011

Class of 2011: D. Lopes

Brockton rapper Daniel Dwayne Lopes a/k/a  D. Lopes along with producer J. Beats released "The Bright Darkness" in 2005. As a top Brockton rap artist, D. Lopes quickly became the King of Cape Verdean Hip Hop. The team went on to receive the award for "2006 Best Original Hip-Hop Performance" on BET's number one syndicate 106th and Park, twice, and on both occasions they won by a landslide. D. Lopes also received "Best Cape Verdean Artist of 2006" award from ForCv. With the 2007 release of Concrete Intelligence, D. Lopes cemented his legacy as one of the premier Brockton rappers ever.

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